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「富」 Japanese character symbols

japanese 「富」It is a representation of the Mincho and Gothic typefaces in a single kanji.
It will be ideas and materials, such as T-shirts and illustration design.
「富」You can find an excellent Japanese words to design.
I'm happy if the study as a dictionary of kanji silhouette. (Cool japanese 「富」
I'm sorry. How to write and how to read and meaning do not do commentary. It can not be used in the re-distribution and business illustrations.

I wore a grid pattern so that the balance of the letter can be seen.

富 Japanese Letter. Kanji Dictionary 【富】

japanese kanji iconlettering kanji Character of the design to be displayed in Japan of books and the personal computer.
japanese kanji dictionary It will change the impression when you edit the color of the text and background, such as Photoshop.
明朝体とゴシック体のサイズ表記 Mincho / Gothic design material 480 x 480 pixel
大きな文字サイズ表記 Large Kanji character lettering designs 800 x 800 pixel

Mincho lettering Gothic design


lettering design 
ファイル名 1-tomi-japanese_symbol.jpg ファイル名 2-tomi-japanese_symbol.jpg
Help to sample and study of Japanese kanji design. Your ideas will be abundant.
Impact will change when you edit the color of the text and background in photoshop.You can understand the comparison of designs of Mincho and Gothic symbols.

 It is seen to display the Kanji symbols to entire screen properly as well in the smartphone and tablet.
「富」Very large kanji symbols

file name 3-tomi-japanese_symbol.jpg
 There is no explanation of the letter of the meaning and how to write because it is Materials of japanaese kanji character.
You can check massively in the list of most of the Japanese kanji like a dictionary.

cool japanese words 「富」 dictionary 「富」 Also The Search a lot of Japanese words to other.

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